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Dottie West

Dottie West

1932 - 1991

Bio courtesy of James Fabiano

Dottie West is known among Raccoons fans as the second voice of Melissa Raccoon, taking over for Rita Coolidge in the third Raccoons special, " The Raccoons and the Lost Star ." (1983) However, she was also a popular country artist, recording Top 40 hits such as "Here Comes My Baby Back Again," "Paper Mansions," and "Would You Hold It Against Me?" In 1973, she did the "Country Sunshine" jingle for Coca-Cola. For "Lost Star," Dottie did two singles, "Lions and Tigers" and "Fallin', Fallin'", as well as two duets with John Schneider: "One More Night" and "Friends." (Schneider, of course, was Dan the Forest Ranger's voice)

Dottie's other non-musical credits include the movie "The Aurora Encounter" and guest spots on television shows such as "The Dukes of Hazzard" (which Schneider also starred on). Her life was tragically cut short in an automobile accident in 1991, but her work lives on for country and Raccoons fans alike.

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Dottie West Stories From Fans

Dottie was not only a great addition to the Raccoons cast and a great country singer, but as some of her fans can tell you, she was a very nice person off-stage.

From Karen Raizor:

I remember seeing Dottie in concert in Florida in 1974. She was riding the wave of her "comeback" brought about by "Country Sunshine". I was 14 at the time, and I guess she was amazed that a 14-year-old knew that she'd recorded "Love is No Excuse" with Jim Reeves (Reeves is my favorite singer, which helped with that info [g]) and knew the words to her early hits like "Here Comes My Baby". I found her to be a most gracious person. Then again, I say that is the case of most of the country singers I've met in my life.

From F. Gentry

She was very nice and helped many artists get started in the business.

From Norman Lipkus

We had the good pleasure of meeting Dottie West back sometimein the mid 70's. It was at Addison, NY. The Twin Rivers C.B. Radio Club {if you remember,breaker,breaker good buddy,back then} would have an an[n]ual camp out CB country jamboree. They would have country music all weekend. Friday nite was locals. Saturday was popular artists and again on Sunday popular artists, different shows than on Saturday. It was back then at one of those that we met Dottie West. She was wearing a long, formal type of evening gown style of a dress, and with all that long [gorgeous] hair, she was certainaly something to see. I remember talking to her after the show and like you say, she was a very greacious lady.

From "Desoto Joe," who recalls what a friend told him about meeting Dottie

I talked to him and he did meet her in St. Louis around 1974 or 75. He got an autograph and said she was very nice about giving it!

From Seth Williamson

I met her briefly backstage at a show somewhere in the Shenandoah Valley around 1970 or thereabouts. She was entirely charming.