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The Raccoons On Ice

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  • Exec. Producer: Sheldon Wiseman
  • Producer/Creator: Kevin Gillis
  • Directors: Kevin Gillis and Paul Schibli
  • Writer: Juliet Packer
  • Music: Kevin Gillis and Jon Stroll

article written by James Fabiano

The Raccoons on Ice Album Cover "The Raccoons on Ice" was the second of four Raccoons specials. Like the other specials (the made-for-TV ones at least), it was seen in the U.S., Canada, and England (on BBC). It was also the first North American animated special selected for viewing on The Disney Channel.

It's winter time in the Evergreen Forest, and Julie, Tommy, and Schaeffer are enjoying themselves ice skating on Evergreen Lake. Also having a good time are Bert, Melissa, and Ralph Raccoon, who like to play hockey on the frozen lake . . . although Bert isn't very good at it (despite his bragging).

When the children come inside after being promised hot chocolate by their father, Dan the Forest Ranger, Schaeffer goes off to join the Raccoons. On the way, he runs into Cedric Sneer, who is practicing his hockey too. He also meets a new friend: Sophia Tutu, whom he compliments on her ice skating.

The Raccoons on Ice Video Cover Meanwhile, there is another individual who has plans for Evergreen Lake. Cyril Sneer, always hungry for cash, plans on building his "Cyril Dome" sports arena on it. When he interrupts the Raccoons' hockey game to announce his plan, Bert is goaded into accepting a challenge to meet Cyril's hockey team, winner takes the lake. Meanwhile, Cedric meets Sophia after they "bump into" each other, leading to the Raccoons suggesting that Cedric join their team to save the lake. However, Cyril soon catches wind of his son's defection, and not only objects to "Sofa Girl" being around him, but also grounds him for a month for siding with the Raccoons. "And no chocolate pudding!" as Cedric adds. But the Raccoons have a plan for the big game with Cyril's team of Brutish Bears. (Which, according to Sophia, is "bigger than chocolate pudding!")

"The Raccoons on Ice" features music by Leo Sayer and Rita Coolidge. It was aired in April 1982 during the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and, in fact, the jersey worn by Bert and Cedric are replicas of the New York Islanders jerseys. And yes, this was the first appearance of Cyril's bear henchmen. In " The Christmas Raccoons ," his flunkies were just other pink aardvarks. And of course, the pigs don't show up until "The Raccoons and the Lost Star."