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29 December

All right, probably about time to get back into this. Let me sort through my mail of the past year and post some updates.

Mark Wiesner writes:

I just thought I'd bring this up to you and any collectors out there. Anyone out there remember CEDs or RCA Videodiscs as they're also known by? The Raccoons are available on this old and forgotten 80s medium.

I guess I'd better explain to my fellow Raccoonophiles. CED stands for "capacitance electronic discs" and are also known in layman's terms as RCA videodiscs. They are essentially vinyl records that contain video as opposed to audio. They were devised in the late 1970s but didn't hit the market until 1981. CEDs and CED players really didn't do well, owing to the fact that the VCR and VHS videotapes already dominated the market. Production ceased on the players in 1984 but videodiscs were made until 1986. Here's a page with more information:

One CED was released with both specials "The Raccoons On Ice" and "The Raccoons and the Lost Star". The title, according to the above URL, is rare and may be tricky to get. If any Raccoons fans out there own a CED player or feel that they must have every piece of Raccoons memoribilia, then try tracking this title down. According to my research, none of the other specials or any of the TV episodes were released on CED.

Here's a fun one. Ricardo writes that his band, Spray, covers "Run With Us" and that "it's going down quite well with the retro crowd *and* kids who've never heard of the Raccoons." He was kind enough to send along a link to the mp3 of the cover.

Shaun Gillis (no relation to Kevin, I presume) relates that his volleyball team uses "Run With Us" to lend spirit to their warm-up activities.

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