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Voice Guide

Character Actor Time Frame
Bentley Raccoon Noam Zylberman (1987-1989)
Bentley Raccoon Stuart Stone (1990-1992)
Bert Raccoon Len Carlson (1980-1992)
Broo the puppy Sharon Lewis (1983-1992)
Cedric Sneer Fred Little (1980-1983)
Cedric Sneer Marvin Goldhar (1985-1992)
Cyril Sneer Michael Magee (1980-1992)
Dan the Forest Ranger Rupert Holmes (1980)
Dan the Forest Ranger Leo Sayer (1981)
Dan the Forest Ranger John Schneider (1983)
Dan the Forest Ranger Murray Cruchley (1985-1992)
Ferlin Danny Gallivan (1981)
George Raccoon Dan Hennessey (1990-1992)
Julie Tammy Bourne (1980-1983)
Julie Vanessa Lindores (1985-1992)
Lady Baden-Baden Bob Dermer (1985-1992)
Lisa Raccoon Lisa Lougheed (1990-1992)
Melissa Raccoon Rita Coolidge (1980-1981)
Melissa Raccoon Dottie West (1983)
Melissa Raccoon Linda Feige (1985)
Melissa Raccoon Susan Roman (1986-1992)
Mr. Knox Len Carlson (1985-1992)
Mr. Mammoth Carl Banas (1985-1992)
Mr. Willow Carl Banas (1985-1992)
Narrator Rich Little (1980-1983)
Narrator Geoffrey Winter (1985-1992)
Nicole Raccoon Liz Hanna (1990-1992)
Pig One Nick Nichols (1983-1989)
Pig One Keith Hampshire (1990-1992)
Pig Three Fred Little (1983)
Pig Three Len Carlson (1985-1992)
Pig Two Len Carlson (1983-1992)
Ralph Raccoon Bob Dermer (1980-1992)
Schaeffer Carl Banas (1980-1992)
Snag Michael Magee (1981-1992)
Sophia Tutu Sharon Lewis (1981-1992)
Tommy Trevor Bruneau (1980)
Tommy Hadley Kay (1981-1983)
Tommy Noam Zylberman (1985-1992)

Uncredited Voices

  • Dan - - from The Raccoons: Let's Dance! (1984)
  • Announcer - - from The Raccoons: Let's Dance! (1984)


From James Fabiano:

  • Fred Little's character in Lost Star was just called "Pig General" in the credits. Since Nick Nichols and Len Carlson did Pig voices in The Raccoons and the Lost Star and went on to reprise the roles in the series (Nick was Pig One and Len was Two and Three), I just consider Fred's character to be Pig Three for the sake of clarity :-)

  • Ferlin, I believe, was the commentator in The Raccoons on Ice.

  • In all the specials, Dan the ranger and Melissa Raccoon are always done by the musical "special guests," according to gender of course. Except in Let's Dance, where Dan's voice is uncredited and Melissa does not have a speaking role.

  • In the specials (1980-1983), Bob Dermer is listed in the credits as "Bobby Dermer"

  • In the course of the Raccoons series, all three pigs have called one another "Lloyd" at least once. So the only thing I can deduce is that all three of them were named Lloyd. (Although they were never given names in the end credits)

  • A couple of Cyril Bears speak in at least one episode, The Paper Chase. The credits list Len Carlson and Carl Banas as the voices.

From Blackrider:

  • Trevor Bruneau, Tammy Bourne and Kevin Gillis were all in a children's TV fitness show called "Yes You Can" (Canadian/1980-83).

  • Carl Banas was the voice of Starscream on the television series "The Transformers."

From Gerald Tripp:

  • Rick Jones who wrote several episodes with Dan Lalande and Derek Diorio, performed four voices in the animated feature, Anastasia.

  • Keith Hampshire (Pig 2) had a hitsong in the late 70's with "The First Cut is the Deepest."

  • Michael Magee who played Cyril had his own very strange show on TV Ontario in the 70's featuring a cast of charactes all played by him. one was called Tonston P Tudball, a political satire. He's a brilliant man with some extremely strongly held opinions. He often lost his voice during the sessions. The recordings were not done "ensemble" except for the pigs....these were hilarious sessions.

  • Many of the artists and production personnel who worked on the Specials had just come off work on Heavy Metal the animated Movie (Harry Canyon and Gremlins sequences).

  • Nick Ranieri and Jamie Oliff, now senior animators at Disney, got their start on Raccoons, as did Chris Schouten, now Don Bluth's main designer (Anastasia).

  • Mudman comics were Alan Templeton's idea. He's a vintage comic fan.

From Chris Yates:

  • One of the animators from the first season, Nick Ranieri, went on to be the supervising animator of Meeko, the raccoon from Pocahontas. (Talk about being typecast!)

From Stphane Dumas:

  • Len Carlson also provided voices in an other Canadian cartoon, Rocket Robin Hood
  • Susan Roman provided her voice for Sailor Jupiter in Sailor Moon

From Darren, concerning Lisa Lougheed

  • She now lives in Chicago with her husband, also a singer, and child.
  • She is one of the back-up voices on Celine Dion and R. Kelly's "I'm Your Angel"
  • also one of the voices on Oprah's theme song
  • Lisa also sings the Excel Gum theme on one of their commercials.

From Ron Broadfoot

  • Bob Dermer did the voice of a raccoon puppet called Lorenzo on the Canadian kids TV show "Mr. Dressup". Talk about typecasting!
  • Bob Dermer also did the voice of Grumpy Bear on the Care Bears.
  • Rory Dodd was the male backup singer on Welsh singer Bonnie Tyler's 1983 hit "Total Eclipse of The Heart."
  • Susan Roman starred in 2 Canadian movies before her Raccoons days. She starred in David Cronenberg's 1977 horror film "Rabid" and the 1981 animated film "Heavy Metal".

From Archie Leach

Are you aware that this is most likely the same Vanessa Lindores that was a long-time member of the cast of You Can't Do That On Television from 1982-1991 (you know, the show that Alanis Morisette was on...)?

Well, you are now...

From Duy Cuong Nguyen

I did get a chance to talk to Susan Roman (Melissa Raccoon #2) during the autograph session and afterwards. I asked her if she knew anything about an upcoming Raccoons special, and she said she didn't. Assuming the special is still going ahead, it either means, Susan's not going to be a part of it, or she hasn't been contacted yet, which isn't unusual. Although it was a rush, when the English Sailor Moon was dubbed, they only did the voice recording a few weeks before the episodes aired.

I also happened to mention to Susan how great it was that she was available in person for autographs and to meet, and how it's much harder to find Len Carlson (Bert Raccoon). She agreed. And then I realized that Len and Susan still work together on the show "Birdz", along with Jill Frappier who was only at the autograph session.

From Erin

I thought you'd find this interesting about Susan Roman (Melissa Raccoon #2, I believe). She was also the voice of Champ Bear on the Care Bears, and she provided the voice of Good Luck Bear in the Care Bears new CGI movie, "Journey to Joke-A-Lot."